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Opal IP Encapsulator

The Thomson Opal IP Encapsulator uses the OpenMux multiplexing software kernel to insert data services into an MPEG-2 DVB/ATSC compliant transport stream. OpenMux simultaneously manages various input types—including single program transport streams, multiple program transport stream, private data, IP frames, audio signals, and PSI/SI and PSIP tables.

Opal features three bandwidth-management algorithms to enhance the performance of the transport stream: static rate management, virtual channels, and optional opportunistic data insertion. Using the virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP RFC 2338) standard, Opal offers a fully redundant platform of main and backup systems that appear as a single system on the network. Opal includes a practical configuration and supervision application that runs over TCP/IP. Its interface displays all MPEG-2 DVB and ATSC parameters while monitoring all IP inputs. It also analyzes and displays upstream network traffic automatically. An optional SNMP agent is also available.