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ViBE CP6000 Contribution Platform

ViBE CP6000 is a dedicated, multi-format, high-performance platform for contribution and primary distribution of live video. Its modular design supports up to four hot-swappable boards. It encodes an unprecedented eight HD channels or encodes and modulates up to six channels per 1RU chassis.

The processing board can be either an MPEG encoder/decoder or DVB-S/S2/DSNG modulator board.The hot-swappable MPEG board manages up to two encoders or decoders and features the latest embedded MPEG video compression technology for industry-leading video quality. Codecs and profiles – from MPEG-2 SD 4:2:0 up to MPEG-4 HD 4:2:2 10-bit – can be enabled with software licensing as required.

The hot-swappable DVB-S/S2/DSNG modulator offers the full range of modulation modes up to 32APSK. It supports extended symbol rates and the latest DVB-S2 extensions such as low roll-off and carrier ID.
ViBE CP6000 is fully integrated with the Thomson Video Networks XMS Management System for monitoring and redundancy requirements.
Its modular architecture offers optimum performance, flexibility, scalability and upgradability to maximize customer benefit.