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ViBE VS7000 Multiscreen & HEVC Video System

Powered by Thomson’s MediaFlex video operating system, the ViBE™ VS7000 video system is a breakthrough "anything in, anything out" encoding/transcoding platform for Web TV, over-the-top (OTT) services, IPTV, and cable delivery.

The ViBE VS7000 video system solution enables video operators to expand the reach of their services with a versatility never seen before in a compression platform. The VS7000 features outstanding picture quality in an all-IP environment with live broadcast-quality encoding, innovative video preprocessing, and faster-than-real-time file transcoding.

In addition to the added support for the HEVC video codec, the VS7000 supports all major industry codecs and formats including MPEG transport streams, Adobe® Flash®, Apple® HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-Dash.

Featuring superior picture quality to provide best-in-class customer video experience, the ViBE VS7000 comes on highly-resilient platforms with a uniquely integrated operation, through a unified graphical user interface allowing custom workflows creation, automatic load-balancing and fail-over features. Simplicity, reliability, and scalability are core benefits of the ViBE VS7000.